Kairos Clemens – P.O. Box 492, Lake Jackson, TX 77566



 … Get Involved in Kairos!

Kairos continues to require your prayers and support… and there are many ways that you can contribute to help make this event a life changing experience.

Prayer – You can agree to pray for Kairos, and have your name added to our prayer chain. The prayer chain is a tangible way the outside community can show to the participants that they truly care during a Kairos weekend.

Agape – Provide a “poster” or “placemats” showing your love and support. You may only use colors to decorate, no stickers or sparkles. Posters can be any size, placemats – 11” x 17”.  They can be signed with first name only, along with the name of the Church.  This would be a wonderful activity for our Sunday Schools to take on.

Attend closing! Every Kairos weekend ends with a closing event where participants share how the weekend has been meaningful to them.

Consider making a financial contribution.  The cost for each weekend is in excess of $5000.  A gift of $5 equates to providing a single meal for a participant.


Also don’t forget that we now have a Clemens Kairos card that you can fill out your name and phone number to hand out!Contact Dickson to get a few…

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